Despite COVID-19, GAMURS Group Sees a Surge in Engagement and Growth Across it's Network

Find out a couple of the things we are doing to help create a surge in our audience and keep engagement high during these times

GAMURS Group social media accounts are seeing more engagement as COVID-19 has put millions around the world in lockdown. Gamers have more time to play—and more time to interact with gaming accounts on social media. Artboard 4 In order to achieve these results we’ve tried a number of things to increase our engagement with our fans and below we’re going to go into detail on what we’ve done as well as provide a small snapshot on the results.

Creating more content in Stories on Facebook & Instagram

Did you know that the only part of the Facebook and Instagram algorithm that's still chronological is stories? The rest of the platform relies on showing you content that it thinks you want to see. Stories also show up at the top of a person's feed on both platforms. A story may only last for 24 hours, but this is where we're finding our highest amount of consistent engagement with our audience. We’re not just having a click-through to other sites though, we’re also keeping our fans entertained with the use of polls, quizzes and questions.
Artboard 5

Posts Designed To Create Discussion

Our platforms focus on the Esports side in most cases and sharing posts constantly about the news we have going on isn’t the best strategy to keep our audience engaged and seeing our content. We’ve done a variety of different posts that encourage discussion and engagement to reach our core gaming fans including celebrating birthdays and asking our fans questions. Artboard 6 These are just a small snapshot of the strategies and posts we are delivering in order to increase our growth and engagement during this time. GAMURS Group is constantly striving for more fans clicking on the content we deliver and this will in turn achieve long term, passionate followers that will continue to help us grow and expand our audience.