What Makes A Good Influencer?

Influencer marketing is rising in the forms of marketing towards gaming audiences. We're here to help you find the right one for your campaign.

Influencer marketing is rising in the forms of marketing towards gaming audiences. Utilizing the fan base of someone with a strong presence on social media is a key part of a social media strategy for many brands and, if you find the right influencer, it will exponentially increase your growth.

High-Quality Content

Posting frequently doesn’t mean they have strong engagement and will be best for your brand. Some Influencers live on social media or plan their weeks (or months) of content out in advance to have the most effective content to engage and connect with their followers. They know their audience and what will entertain, educate or inspire their audience. High-quality content is important because it will represent your brand well and show it in the best possible light as well as cater to the audience and achieve the best possible results.

Questions to ask:

Would they have high-quality video/image/content to promote my product? Do they use all the features of the social platform?

Knows How To Be Seen

A good influencer will have a strategic mindset and know the best platforms, times, and content that will resonate with their audience. They have learned this from extensive posting and trial and error and. This is the same for the products that you’ll want them to advertise. They’ll know how to get you the best return on your investment and how to be seen among their audience and your target community.

Questions to ask:

Will their audience see my product? Will the right audience see my product? Do they post content consistently?

Connected With Their Audience

Connecting to their community is how influencers create trust and loyalty. Influencers can create a fanbase overnight with one viral post, but the ones with the strongest retention of followers will be better for your campaign's long-term. There is a big difference between large and influential. A strong community is constantly engaging with their content and the influencer is giving them the “reward” of responding back, they are more likely to engage in the future (including with your product!).

Questions to ask:

Do their followers interact with their content? Do they interact with their followers? Are the interactions they have with their followers meaningful?


If you’re looking to connect with a specific market, you want someone that’s authentic and that users trust and isn’t constantly putting out sponsored content. You want someone that expresses their genuine opinions and gives well-thought insights. It’s easy for an audience to tell if an influencer is disingenuous and is going off a script to promote a product. This is the difference between a brand that promotes its product and a person who has a personal tie to the brand.

Questions to ask:

Are they genuinely excited about the product? Are their posts interesting or generic? Do their followers trust what they’re saying?

Voice Of Authority

This is probably the most important difference between someone with a large social media following and someone who actually has an impact on their industry and the buying power of their audience. Someone with a voice of authority brings influence over the products they recommend, meaning people are more likely to buy what they recommend.

Questions to ask:

Do followers trust their opinions? Are their opinions respected in the community?

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