What is GamerAI?

Gamer AI provides esports players and teams the knowledge they need to maximise their chances of winning every competitive match. GamerAI is a suite of advanced tools that help professional, semi-professional and casual gamers learn from previous matches and assist them in winning more frequently. It is aimed at assisting player and teams – at all levels of gameplay.

Our automated Video on Demand (VOD) system, automatically captures, clips and uploads data to a centralised review platform which can be shared with a team of players. This post-match review provides frame-by-frame data and an advanced video search feature over each match that has been played. GamerAI also provides deep, statistical insights into every game that is played. These insights are in the form of player and team-based efficiency models that measure key aspects of the gameplay and present this data to users to assist them in reviewing their matches.

Intelligent learning for esports

Currently In Beta

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