A team like no other

Our Values

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    Honesty, Integrity and Trust

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    Take Intelligent Risks

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    Always Challenge Yourself and Others

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    Serve The Community

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    Don't Be An Arsehole

Our Leadership


Riad Chikhani

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Hill

Chief Financial Officer

Slobodan Gluvic

Director of Operations & Strategy

Jake McNamara

Director of Human Resources


Dr. Grant Osborne

Chief Technical Officer

Adrian Johnston

Lead Data Scientist

Andrew Nguyen

Director of Technology

Ailyn Semrau

Creative Director


Kevin Morris

VP of Content

Ben Lundin

Director of Marketing

Michael Vickroy

Head of Social Media

Saira Mueller

Managing Editor, Dot Esports

Partnerships & Sales

Chance Waters

Director of Partnerships

Aiden Hiko

Sales Manager