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Case Study: State of Survival

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State of Survival is the quintessential zombie themed mobile game. They’ve partnered with big names such as AMC’s The Walking Dead, Batman, and UFC since releasing in 2020 and have amassed over 100 million downloads as of September 2021. 

GAMURS Group was given an out of this world mission by State of Survival to find a Lamborghini and deliver it to a chosen winner located states away, creating a vlog-style video to document the entire journey in true State of Survival fashion. 

Within a month, we were able to storyboard the video, scout filming locations, hire a cast of characters, find a Lamborghini, assemble a film crew, and release a 15 minute long, fully produced video highlighting the giveaway to the lucky winner

The video amassed a total of 6.55M views. 

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