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UNDECEMBER is a new addition to the hack-and-slash genre that gives players the same kind of nostalgia as hits like Diablo and Torchlight. From an extensive lore to an immersive growth and battle system, this new action RPG game from LINE GAMES was originally launched on iOS and Android systems in January 2022 and on Steam in October 2022. 

GAMURS Group partnered up with the team at UNDECEMBER to promote the game’s global launch on Steam. Targeting PC gamers, we utilized 8 of the GAMURS properties to create and publish unique content surrounding the release. From crafting a unique announcement article to fit the tone of each publication, to first-look reviews and essential gameplay guides, GAMURS Group was able to bring mass awareness and interest to the grim world of UNDECEMBER. Through this campaign and the wide reach of our brands, our readers were able to get a glimpse of the game's diverse game play, smooth controls, cross-platform capabilities, and unique twists that sets it apart from other games within the action RPG genre.

Total Articles Written: 18

Total Press Release Pageviews: 1,361,370

Total Review Pageviews: 539,500

Total Guide Pageviews: 123,013

Total Campaign Pageviews: 2,034,883

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