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Why Esports Fans Are Some Of The Most Engaged Gamers On The Internet

We know that Esports is a great market to target when you're looking to find a passionate, intellegent audience - but did you know they are also some of the most engaged fans on social media?

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So we’ve already talked about why investing in gaming and esports is a smart investment, we’ve also talked about who you’re targeting when you are marketing to esports fans. Today we’re going to talk about how engaged these fans are on the internet.

Why is engagement so important? Well, an engaged fanbase is not only favored by social media algorithms, helps more people see your content and grow your audience but it helps foster a loyal audience. These audiences are the ones that are passionate about your products and what you’re talking about which have a higher potential to invest in what you’re offering.

People Are Buying Less Games, But Spending More Time With them

Publishers are actively making it a priority to engage their fans today more than ever. Gaming revenues and successes are almost completely dependent on consumer spending to remain viable, however publishers are no longer focusing on the quantity of games they produce, but the frequency in which they play those games.

Consumers today buy fewer games than previous decades, but spend more time with those games, shifting the business model from single-unit to recurring revenue generated from a base of active users

It’s easier to grow and foster an existing fanbase to create a new one from scratch. In order to maintain this, publishers are looking for ways they can keep their fans more engaged across expansion packs, new features, tools and characters, loot boxes as well as new content, events and updates that keep the game more interesting and constantly changing for fans.

People Are Creating More Content, Which Keeps Other Players Engaged

As more people are finding hobbies at home and more aspiring content creators come to platforms such as Twitch. There is more content around the games they love for people to consume. Which, in turn, helps grow the fanbase and communities of certain games even more.

The use of platforms such as Twitch even assisted Valorant in creating a fan base before its release and event breaking records on Twitch with 34 million single-day hours watched according to Riot Games in this article on Dot Esports. There was help from the pandemic during this time however it shows the power that content creators have in the promotion and community growth around these games.

Esports Is Incredibly Collaborative And Social By Nature

Probably why esports is one of the most successful aspects of gaming, social gaming plays such a strong part in the success of these games and puts the “loner in the basement” stereotype for gamers to rest. Many games such as League Of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO and more require interaction with other people to play these games whether it’s to compete against one another or play alongside each other.

As Esports was born from online gaming, we also see more people using the internet to engage with other fans in community groups, discord and other social media sites. As mentioned above, online content creators also play a part in creating and growing these audiences within their own fanbases.

In Conclusion

In the social media age we also find communities and groups around particular fandoms that help people dive more deeply into the games they love. Esports fans more than any other are using the online space to engage, share and connect more than many other communities. Communities like these are built over a number of different mediums and are easier to connect with more than ever.

Gamurs Group Can Help You Target These Audiences

As the leading esports media network, we want to connect you with a passionate, untapped, tech savvy audience. We use organic reach across all of our platforms and work to produce the highest engagement possible. You can find information on exactly who you’d be targeting through GAMURS Group brands in a basic overview on our website here.

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